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This page is a GateWay to experiential clarity of your Life Purpose.

My name is Michael Alperstein.  I run this site through a connection with other dimensions and sister sites.  It’s a source of spiritual food and nourishment.

The positive messages, books, guided meditations, and events presented are designed to take you into a natural world of magic.

Whatever life challenge or negative situation you are facing, I’m available and here to help. I specialize in helping people in transition, issues around loss or breakups, anxiety challenges, and self-acceptance difficulties.

Read the FAQ section for more details and look here: What Positive Changes can I Expect with Michael Alperstein?

Set up a session today. Email me at  Michael@LuminousLiving.com

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“Michael Alperstein’s divine clarity and timing resonated so deeply with me. I am stunned how every word hit me.” ~ Madison Abbott


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