feeling peaceAre sessions like psychic readings?

Yes and No. They are “Spiritual Readings.” There is a Soul level guidance I am able to tap into. In an energetic way, I receive impressions from your Soul and Spirit Helpers. It can take your breath away and get you unstuck. That is the intention I bring. It’s a natural clairvoyance and an intuitive, telepathic space. I am unlikely to “Wow you” by predicting the future or saying surface things about you. My guidance is more likely to bring you breakthrough and fulfillment. It is help that packs an energetic punch, to lift you out of a troubled situation.


I am have love and relationship challenges. How will your sessions help?

This work helps you tap into your own heart-center. The heart-center is the true source of love and it’s the creator of your inner view toward others. The magic starts in your heart. I teach you to go within, and really connect with your Self first. Everything starts at Home in your heart, and that has a MAJOR uplifting impact on ALL relationships.


Where have you trained?

I have studied many paths, from energy healing, to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), to breathwork, to Zen, to channeling Spirit Guides, meditation, Aikido, and beyond. What I do is a gift we all have, I have just gotten adept at tapping into it. It’s beyond training and book-knowledge. It’s about living knowledge.


What if I want support but cannot afford it right now?

I offer a very limited number of discounted sessions. Talk to me. We might be able to find something you are comfortable with or you can spread out the payments over time. The truth is, this is a gift you give to yourself. It’s a commitment you make to make a change. Making a session is an incredible statement to the Universe that will help you create more of what you want.

How do I set up a session?

Email me or call.  Michael@LuminousLiving.com  (415) 630-0123