peace flowerSimplicity is the foundation of inner peace.

There is nothing complex about feeling happy, comfortable, or peaceful. Babies do it just in their natural stance. They don’t need a car, a job, or a fancy home to feel it.

Remember….  Inner peace increases as complexity decreases.

Worry or unhappiness in any form are complicated. Worry is generally a feeling of a full mind, and having many variables and outcomes flipping through your brain, and/or trying to control all of it!  Sound familiar? It’s time to break free of this.

Simplicity is the key. The mind may balk and squawk at it, but it really is the key.

Inner peace is as easy as slipping into a hot tub. It is shedding an unnecessary layer of mind chatter and awakening in your heart.

It’s as easy as falling asleep. In fact, that feeling of falling asleep is actually a good reference point, a teacher of sorts.

Assuming you don’t have trouble falling asleep… sleepiness often comes on like a wave.  It is easy to fall asleep, right? It is the same with inner peace. In a moment, it can happen. Peacefulness arising is quite a bit like the feeling of letting sleep overcome you, except it is conscious.

So next time you are in bed falling asleep, take a deep breath and allow the experience to help you find inner peace. Let it show you effortlessness. Make it a simple and powerful exercise each night. Let the effortlessness of falling asleep trigger the sense of allowing peace to wash over you.

What I am saying is that when you really get in your heart of hearts that inner peace is effortless, it naturally washes over you. It’s the race to find inner peace that puts it at bay. Stop the race and it comes over you.

The word “simplicity” sometimes seems too far fetched.  “How could being happy be so easy?! It’s not that easy for me!” Screams the mind. But that is just another bundle of complicated thoughts DEFENDING and asserting how difficult, complicated and hard finding inner peace is.

It is hard only when you insist it is hard.

Practice the Art of Natural Inner Peace

Inner peace arises in your heart and it happens by honoring the simple things all around. In the midst of your day, notice what is beautiful, kind, pure, and natural all around you. Notice smiles, connection, kids, laughter, plants, sky, sunlight, and animals…. Noticing such things, with effortless attention, bring you back to the basics, back to the heart.

Simplicity is the antidote to complexity.

Start today. Make the intention in your heart to remember it’s simple.

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Blessings and Love,



In closing, here is a meditative video to watch. Just let the sayings work their way into your heart. This will bring peace.  Life Quotes and Sayings