Grief Support and Letting Go Meditations with Michael

A supportive session with Michael is for letting go, trusting, going beyond grief, breakup or divorce support, pet loss, major life changes, and choosing to live.

grief meditation

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I will teach you how to heal grief, move through the grieving process, quiet your mind, and make a major positive emotional change.
I will use a combination of guided meditation, breathing exercises, subtle yoga movements, and a Blending Technique from the martial art Aikido to guide you into a state of letting go and seeing the blessings in disguise.

For example, suppose you are really grieving and missing someone. Through energy support and simple yet powerful guided meditation, I will teach you to discover the core beliefs that contribute to your negative feelings. Maybe deep down you are thinking “I’m no good without this person” or “I’ll always be alone”

Whatever the thoughts are, in this powerful meditation it becomes easy to see that your negative thoughts contribute to your unhappiness. Once these thoughts are discovered, I create a plan and a support system that shifts you out of limited mindsets.

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Half hour Healing Energy support: $45

One hour Healing Energy support: $90


What to Expect and How to Prepare:

1. Before the session, ask yourself: What level of stress, grief or unhappiness am I at now? (On a scale from 1 to 10)

2. Ask yourself: What level do I want to be at by the end of the session?

3. If you could be there now, you would. But something is blocking you. Part of it is a negative outlook, an outdated mindset or idea that is holding you back. Through our Self-awareness exercises and guided meditation techniques you will uncover exactly what it is.

4. Once we know what the block is, I will come up with a tailor-made strategy to support you through this time period. I will teach you simple meditation practices you can do any time (“mini meditations” you will do for brief periods whenever feelings of grief or depression come up) that will help you relax and let go.


About Michael

you are magnificentI run the largest Grief Support Community on Google Plus. Come explore it here:

Dying, Letting Go, Grief, Support, & Healing on Google Plus

I have been teaching meditation and stress relief for eight years. I am the director of an online magazine and global community called Light Workers World. We publish meditation videos, yoga tips, stress management solutions, and self-help book reviews..

I am the author of a book on Walking Meditation called: Mastery Where You Are: How to Stop Stress in Its Tracks While You Keep Walking. 

Primarily, I empower people through direct experience:

In 2004 my sister Susan died suddenly and unexpectedly. Read on and I think you will see how I turned this situation around.

Though no one knows the cause of her death for sure, it was probably heart related.

She left to this world a then 10 month-old son, Nicholas, to love and to raise…. The following is an open-ended letter I wrote; it is addressed to my sister. I read it aloud at a small family ceremony a year after her death.

Susan’s death was an end and a beginning. I will continue to trust what is yet to come, to surrender as much as I can, and to watch myself play a large part in this ongoing adventure to care for young Nicholas.

Dear Susan,

What an amazing test you have helped create for us. It feels like a test sometimes. For me, Mom, Dad, John (Nicholas’ father), and Nicholas your amazing son. A test of our commitment to resolve differences, to support each other, to understand each other, and to let old wounds surface so that they can be looked at honestly and finally laid to rest.

How have we done so far? Is there a final exam?

I am certain it is all part of the ongoing test of being human and stretching ourselves to grow and to learn. Feelings and all, I remain grateful for this test with all of its many opportunities for change and letting go.

Sometimes I feel sad that you are not able to play a part in raising Nicholas. He is quite a magical little guy. When I take him to the park or to the beach, I sometimes feel as if I take you along with us. I imagine you smiling and enjoying the outing also. It has been such a pleasure to care for Nicholas and devote myself to fatherly wizardry.

Nicholas and I often explore the secret waterfalls in Golden Gate Park, and constantly teach each other of our Magical Selves.

Amidst the evolving course of events, I still find time to write and develop new ways of sharing my work with others. Everything is in flux (as usual), and maybe you are watching it all unfold with excitement, as I am.

Love always,


Let me support you. I am a good listener and a helpful guide. If you are not experiencing loss or grief, I am also available for Positive Outlook sessions to support you in getting where you want to be.

Set up a session today. I am fairly flexible, send me a note and we can set up a day and time for a session that works for you!

Email me to make an appointment

Contact me at:

Half hour Healing Energy support: $45

One hour Healing Energy support: $90