We are amazing. Here is something I wrote to empower us to realize it:


be yourselfInstead of being on your spiritual Path, stand where you are. BE your spiritual Path. 
You are the path.

Instead of attempting to find true love, GIVE true love. Send love. BE love. 
You are love.

Instead of seeking a way out of feeling trapped, find a way into the freedom that you are, where you are. Be freedom.
You are freedom.

Instead of coming to know who you are, BE who you are. 
You are You.

Instead of taking action, BE action. Don’t take each step, BE each step. 
You are action.

Instead of getting rid of noise, BE silence.
You are silence.

Instead of basking in the Sun, BE the Sun.
You are the Sun.

You are Light.

You are Love.
There is nowhere to go but here in your Heart.


Michael Alperstein


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