There is now a support system developed by us, from another Dimension of where we are, that was designed to bring Spiritual Family into a comfortable, joyful and familiar place. It’s a field of communion and magical support that makes your heart sing and that operates independently of the technology in the physical dimension.  The internet and social media are a REFLECTION of this powerful spiritual connection, but they are only tools.

There is great support for you, and it available in an instant. For every question you have, there is an answer. For every impossibility, there can be a miracle. There is always a way. It happens through your connection and support with the invisible realm.

You don’t have to fully understand it. Just know that in each moment, there IS support available.  I was standing on a baseball field the other day (by myself in the physical world) when suddenly I had an inspiration to call a friend for support.  It was the perfect moment.  She was there and available. She reminded me to become aware and grounded in my body, and this simple exercise brightened the day for both of us.

That is the kind of support that is available now. USE IT. It’s here. It may not be found in your human family of origin or at your place of work. But it is found in your connection with every Lightworker around the world.

Whenever you feel stuck or alone, remember these three points:

– Start to change your focus. You can do it. It is just like on a computer, like hovering your mouse over a different section of the screen, and something new becomes available and lights up.

– Walk a bit, stretch your arms, or take a break from the challenging situation and come Home to your Heart. 20 seconds.  30 seconds. That is all that is needed.

– If you are still uncomfortable, deliberately call on a support team. You have a magic team all around at the push of a button. It’s instant. This is the Divine purpose of social media. Stop by a supportive group or let a new teaching in. Positive Outlook is a great place to start.

To set things in motion, here are some calming Life Quotes and Sayings