cool flower


With a deep breath… read these words with a smile in your heart…

May you be free and happy.

May kindness fill all corners of your heart.

Let kindness and supportive energy fill every space in your body.

Get comfortable. Let support come to you HERE AND NOW.

For anything in your life that appears difficult: Gentle kindness is the remedy.  It is stronger than all your worries. Invite in this energy of Gentle Kindness.

Breathe it in like oxygen. It’s here now. Reading brings it up.

It’s a bubble in consciousness.. A loving energy. Relax. Let it wash over you… envelope you… Take a few slow breaths, that is all you have to do.

If it is a miracle you want, don’t look for it. Vibrate as it. Stop looking. You don’t have to go anywhere else.  Acknowleding your Presennce and feeling your Heart changes everything for the better.

Breathe…  Allow…

There is no need to wait. No need to wonder.

Wondering and waiting are types of looking. Take a break from looking. Take a break from seeking.
This is a moment for Finding.

As you are reading, let spiritual energy fill you. We are working with the Unknown and the Unseen here.

You cannot find the Unknown. Let it encircle you. It is a strong feeling yet simple. A smile in your heart.heart
We are inviting in magic.

As you read, over the next hour, your connection and magic will increase. We are stepping into Wonder and Inspirational Energy.
Stay with the energy field.

All who read this are tapping into it. We are holding hands and helping each other out spiritually. We are each stepping out of time and coming together all at once, from everywhere.

Read this message a few times.  Share it.  Come back once a week for three weeks. The window into magic and miracles will open wider for you.

Unseen and Unknown support is alive in your Heart.

With Love,

Michael and Friends



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