Life is a dance between surrender and deliberate creation. True surrender is when you trust and walk forward in life, being available to spontaneous and good things happening. Deliberate creation is a high-quality, focused intention combined with action that produces your desired outcome. What is needed at this time is to be fluid like water, to not hold tight to either one of the methods, but to switch between them in an instant, as needed. This brings enormous joy and love of life back to your heart and daily routine.

sky colorsEach instant is a chance to practice. Each challenge is a moment-point to surf between letting go and conscious creating. For example, suppose someone snaps at you or criticizes something you do. Maybe you feel a bit of annoyance, or anger, or some sort of uncomfortableness. That is an old program running in you and it’s time to break free of that.

Here are some ways:

You can respond back and correct the person, with trust in your heart. This would take deliberate creation. For example, right after they criticize you, you simply look them in the eye and say “That is not true.” And you say it with a firm inner knowing. You are not fighting their statement. You are just speaking what you know, clearly and deliberately.

You can do it. Just stay in your Heart and speak your knowing.

Or you can totally Let it Go. You could look at them with a gleam in your eye and act as if they have no idea what they are talking about. You don’t have to say anything at all. In truth, they are not speaking about you. Each judgment is a self-judgement. They are speaking of themselves.


¸.✫¨´`’*°✫¸ ((~ Suggested Affirmation/Intention ~))


Put your palm on your heart and take a deep breath. Say this internally:
“I am not responsible for other people’s thoughts, reactions and feelings. They are on their path and my security is in BEING MYSELF. By Being Myself, I easily let go, I am happy and I am naturally uplifting to others.”

Allow it…
Breathe it…
Be it….

“For today, we recognize that we all have a story. You know, the one we tell ourselves and everyone else over and over again. The one where we’ve been hurt, cheated on, wronged, screwed, sick, tired, depressed…you know, that old story that keeps us stuck. Yes, one (or all) of those things may have happened to us, but those things do not define us and every time we tell and re-tell the story we reinforce that we are hurt, depressed, wronged…a victim. Yuck. For today, we recognize that a story is just a story…and that our old story doesn’t need to continue on and on forever. Turn the page, start a new chapter, and let go.” ~Jennifer Hornburg


In the unforgettable words that Kenny Rogers made famous: You have to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.

If you have not heard the song in a while…..  Listen to it with fresh ears. It has a strong thread of wisdom about Letting Go…