Love Quotes Have a look at this powerful blend of positive quotes. Suggestion: Treat it like a mini meditation. Take a few slow deep breaths… Watch once a day for a week. It will open you up to more love. Love Quotes and Meditations: Settle into a comfortable chair…. Bring your attention into your Heart area and your breathing… Take a few slow and gentle breaths…. There is a love that is always available, and we are going to access that internally… It’s a simple change…  sharing your love from the inside to the outside. Realizing the fullness of love, the source of love, pulls and starts from within. It is nice to have love from others, from parents, from relationships, but THEY are NOT the source. They are not the source. Breathe and let go. Let love find you. It gathers in your heart. It’s a wellspring. And endless supply. Visualize pure love energy in your heart. It’s not something you have to struggle for. You don’t need to catch hold of it. Just feel love’s Presence. It greets you with total familiarity. Ah, I do KNOW love.  You say to yourself. It’s in my  heart. Just breathe… Keep it simple. Truths become clear when they get simple. Love is in your heart. Real love.feel love Feel welcome to move your body or stretch your arms. This helps circulate love. Let go of searching for love… Let go of questioning how… DARE TO BREATHE AS LOVE. You are love. Breathe it to become it. Just allow it. Watch the video up above again.  You might wish to bookmark this page. Come back once a day and you will open up to a whole new love that is at the same time familiar and free. Shared with Love and Kindness, Michael