MOBILE ZEN  is the art of being calm in the most unlikely circumstances.  I am excited to share that I’m writing a book on it. It’s a book that will help you develop a sense of underlying connection, trust, and inner freedom in daily life. SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL LIST TO STAY IN THE LOOP. READ MORE TO GET A TASTE OF THIS FORTH-COMING BOOK.




Excerpts from Michael’s forthcoming book: MOBILE ZEN: SIMPLE SECRETS TO FIND CALM ANYWHERE

MOBILE ZEN is guidebook for increased peace of mind in our frantic, impersonal, phone-in-hand times.

One of my first experiments with mobile Zen was the time I meditated in a gutter. As people stared in disbelief, I challenged myself to think positive thoughts and experience peace.

Now, twenty-five years later, those early practices have grown into a comprehensive instruction manual. Without gutters or embarrassment, MOBILE ZEN reveals how to achieve total ease during daily life.
Being stuck in traffic, my sister’s death, a fight with my nephew, have all become portals into a quiet heart. I’m not perfect, but I’ve connected the dots in new ways that bring joy into the most unexpected circumstances of life.

MOBILE ZEN teaches readers how to change maddening thoughts by accepting and dancing with them each day. With a massive blend of tools and guided meditations, this is one of the few books leading readers into—and safely out of—their monkey mind.